Screw pumps

Screw pumps PSRSP


The single-screw pump belongs to a group of self-priming displacement pumps. The main pump working elements are:

  • The impeller made of steel /A/ being single-thread screw with large pitch and round cross-section
  • The stator /B/ made of elastometr (rubber), double-threaded, with oval bore cross-section and doubled pitch of impeller thread.

When the pump is running, the impeller roatates about a fixed point in the stator, thus pumping the medium, what is possible due to that the suction area is separated from delivery area by, so called, sealing line during each phase or rotational motion. The pump also suck media having considerable viscosity, as well as containing round shaped solid particles (maximum solid particle dimensions depend on pump size) without auxiliary equipment.

The pumps transport medium in a continous way. Media pumped are not subject to pulsing and centrifugal forces. Even most sensitive products are pumped gently.