About us

About us

TOFAMA Spółka Akcyjna is a Polish leader in the production of pumps, fittings and equipment for the chemical, petrochemical and food industries. Our devices are perfect for the production, storage and transport of chemicals, petroleum-derived media, fuels, food products, water and sewage.

The origins of the TOFAMA company in Toruń date back to 1920, i.e. the great times of building the Polish industry. The founder and owner of the factory, initially called Toruńska Fabryka Maszyn, was Eng. Jan Broda. The plant quickly specialized in the production of pumps, fittings and equipment for the chemical and food industries. Today, TOFAMA successfully continues production and develops the range of products and services, thanks to which it conquers new markets in the country and around the world. Among the wide range of manufactured devices we can mention: centrifugal and positive displacement screw pumps, diaphragm and diaphragm valves and ball valves. The basic devices from the equipment production program include tanks, mixers, mixers and screw conveyors. Our pumps and fittings have a wide range of applications and can transport media with various properties and parameters. For their production, we use cast steel, acid-resistant, carbon, wear-resistant and heat-resistant steels.

The devices we produce are compliant with the Pressure Equipment Directive and the ATEX Directive. Thanks to this, our products allow the transport of chemically aggressive, abrasive, solidifying, dense, flammable and explosive media. In addition, we provide services related to rubberizing, turning, milling and welding. We also offer plasma cutting, machining and grinding. For a century of existence, we have been proud of the highest production standards. This is confirmed by numerous certificates and quality certificates. The most important ones include the ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate and the Welding Quality Management System Certificate. An extensive machine park operated by experienced employees guarantees high quality of manufactured products. A qualified team of designers successfully implements non-standard projects in response to the needs of our clients. We owe flexibility in operation and accuracy of solutions to our experience and modern design tools.
TOFAMA in numbers:

  • 100 years of history
  • Export to over 100 countries
  • Recipients on 3 continents
  • About 40 products on offer

TOFAMA provides its customers with the highest quality pumps, fittings and equipment.

TOFAMA has been offering reliable Polish products for 100 years.

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