Stirrers and mixers


Conical screw mixers types MS0,5 i MS1, MS-21, MS-41

Mixers MS are applied for quick and precise mixing of loose materials to obtain uniform mixture. They are used in industries: building, pharmaceutical, paints, food and others. The mixers are not adapted to work in explosive areas.


The MS mixers consist of a vertical conical jacket, inside is located screw mixer which around its own axis and container axis rotating. This movement allows for accurate mixing of ingredients in the entire container space. The jacket is closed from the top with the cover of the screw drive and two hatches. In the lower part of the conical jacket, there is a chute device and lower bearing of the screw mixer. The mixer is filled through hatch located in the cover, maintaining of the condition of maximum filling to the edge of the upper pen, the chute device is used for emptying. The stirrer drive consists of two electric drives and gearboxes (MS-21 and MS-41 stirrers have one electric drive).