Vertical impeller Pumps KFN, KFN-Ex

Vertical impeller pumps with hetaing jacket KFN, KFN-Ex.KFN, KFN-Ex


Pumps type KFN are single-stage, centrifugal impeller pumps with heted jacket and vertcial pump shaft centre line and with closed impeller.Applied for pumping liquids having higer flow temperature (media for congealed medium at the temperature higer then normal) at which they may be pumped with the use of impeller pums (e.g. paraffin, sulphur).
Pumps type KFN are defined in the Machine Directive 98/37/EC.
Type KFN-Ex are used in Zone 2 locations, where the risk of air and gas mixture, vapour or mist explosion is present, and they comply with the requirements for group II, category 3 equipment, according to the Directive 94/9/EC.


Parameters and dimensions – according to diagrams and tables enclosed. Maximum temperature of pumped medium: 170°C.
Maximum parameters of heating steam: p=0,8MPa; 170°C