Horizontal impeller pumps type KAN

Horizontal impeller pumps type KAN

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Horizontal single-stage impeller pumps type KAN are applied for pumping liquids which are clean or slightly contaminated solids.


Type KAN pumps are single-stage horizontal impeller pumps with closed impeller provided with balancing blades for redution of longitudinal forces and pressure upstream the stuffing box. At the drive side, the pump body is losed with a stuffing box, which creates the chamber tgether with the joining element, where the cooling liquid for sealing working area, what is recommended when the temperature of pumping media is above 373K. The shaft is mounted in two oil-lubricated rolling bearing and the controller maintains constatnt oil level.
Pump are produced with packing cord or with various types of mechanical sealing.
We use mechanical sealing produced by recognised companies.
The pump with motor, mounted to the foundation plate, is the pump set. Foundation plate are provided with the hole for pouring the cement mortar to the foundation and threaded holes for levlling the pumps set. The pump set construction allows repairing without removing the pump body, pipelines and motor, therefore, is no need to align pump units (using of coupling with distance sleeve).
Operational parameters according to standards PN-EN 22858.