About us

About us

TOFAMA SA company is a national leader in the production of pumps, valves and equipment used for production, storage and transportation of chemicals, oil derivatives, fuels, water and sewage.

TOFAMA SA in Toruń was founded in 1920 as a private enterprise. The founder and the owner of the company bearing at that time the name Toruńska Fabryka Maszyn, was an engineer Jan Broda. TOFAMA S.A. history cards reach until 1920 and are recorded up to today. The story is created by people and their work and commitment, activities and events. Created also by many transformations and the constant need to strive for excellence and to provide customers the highest quality products and services. Many years of experience and quality of manufactured products make TOFAMA S.A. has many clients in the domestic and global markets. Germany, Russia, Iran, Denmark and the Czech Republic, as well as Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates and Nigeria, are among the largest. TOFAMA S.A. As a manufacturer,offers impeller pumps, horizontal and vertical, screw pumps, diaphragm and membrane valves, ball valves, gate valves and mixers, stirrers, tanks and screw conveyors.

The numbers are our benefit:

  • 100 years of history
  • Export to over 100 countries
  • Customers on 3 continents
  • Approx 40 products in offer

Polish Producer of the pumps, equipment industrial fitting.

We want to share with our employees our nearly 100 years of industry experience.